Lakewood Park Athletics

Cultivating a Distinctively Christian Sports Atmosphere

In this week’s Fall Sports Devos, I had the chance to challenge our athletes to play for Jesus Christ’s glory and the Fame of His Name. The word “glory” in the Bible comes from a word meaning “to be heavy/weighty.” When we “glorify” someone or something, we treat them like they are the most important – the ultimate. When we as Christians play or watch sports, we have two choices: 1) we can act like the sport, our performance, our team’s performance, or the outcome of the game is the ultimate, or 2) we can act like Jesus Christ is the ultimate.

What an incredibly different environment we could create at LPCS if all of our athletes were playing, and all of our coaches were coaching, and all of our fans were cheering for God’s glory and treating our interactions with LPCS sports as acts of worship! Can you envision that? Is that something you would like to be a part of?

This is our vision for Lakewood Athletics. We desire to provide a distinctively Christian athletics experience, and it all begins by tracing the gift of sports back to the Giver. Instead of trying to extract our ultimate thrill out of sports, we must learn and remind ourselves that Jesus Christ is the only One who can thrill our souls.


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