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Athletics Opportunities Offered…

Soccer • Volleyball • Basketball • Baseball • Softball • Cross Country • Track

Lakewood Park Christian School is a member of the IHSAA with Varsity teams in Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball, Coed Cross Country and Coed Track. In addition to these Varsity teams, we also have Junior Varsity teams, Junior High teams (7th and 8th grade) and 6th grade teams in most of these sports.

Mission: The Lakewood Park Christian School Athletic Department exists to glorify God through shaping difference makers for Christ by providing life-on-life discipleship opportunities through athletics.

Core Values: The core values we hold and seek to instill in our student-athletes have been summarized in our Christian Athlete’s Creed:

The Christian Athlete’s Creed:

Jesus Christ is all that matters.
I will play for His glory and the Fame of His Name.
I will play for the Audience of One. 
I don’t need to play for approval or significance because in Christ I already have the approval of the only One who matters and I am infinitely significant in His sight.
I am committed to excellence in all I do.
I will be a leader on my team and in my school. When necessary, I will use words.
I will work hard in practice, preparation and play.I will strive with all my might to win, but will not confuse winning with success. Success comes when I give my best with a good attitude.
I will be a good team member who submits to my coaches’ authority, understands  and fulfills my role on the team, and loves, serves and encourages my teammates.
I will treat my opponent as my friend, not my enemy, because our competition brings out the best in me and gives me a chance to put my hard work and preparation to the test.
I will graciously submit to the decisions of the officials, following the example of Jesus, who, when faced with imperfect authority, continued entrusting Himself to Him who judges justly.

More information about our beliefs and policies can be found in our Athletic Handbook.

Our Athletic Department Team:


Bobby Childs, Athletic Director

Bobby became the LPCS Athletic Director in July 2018.  He has been an athletic director for 6 years at Christian Schools.  His passion is to serve God, and work with students through the world of athletics. Sports gives some of the greatest life lessons for students. He and his wife Nikki have been married for 10 years.  They have one daughter named Kennedy who is 2 years old and will be a future Panther someday.

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Maleah Leitner, Athletic Administrative Assistant

Maleah joined the Athletic Department in July 2015. Her giftings include a background in graphics design, strong organization skills, and attention to detail.

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Tom Leitner, Game Supervisor

Tom is a Rise 5/6 Teacher here at LPCS who serves as a Game Supervisor for many of our home athletic contests. Tom has taught at Lakewood for 16 years.

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HS Cross Country- Jon Elwood (Head Coach- 2nd year at LPCS) Wes Rowlader (Head Coach- 2nd year at LPCS)

HS Boys Soccer- Terry Exford (Varsity Head Coach- 6th year at LPCS), Alex Martin (JV Head Coach-1st year at LPCS)

HS Girls Soccer- John Haraguchi (Varsity Head Coach- 5th year at LPCS), Carianne Sobey (Assistant Coach- 1st year at LPCS)

Volleyball- Will Robbins (Varsity Head Coach), Grace Hooks (Assistant Coach- 1st year at LPCS)

JH Cross Country- Rob Born (JH Head Coach- 1st year at LPCS)

JH Soccer- Dennis Nelson (JH Head Coach- 3rd year at LPCS)

JH Volleyball- Thomas Boring (JH Head Coach- 1st year at LPCS), Bekah Mundt (Assistant Coach- 1st year at LPCS)

5/6 Soccer- Gramm Wilson (5/6 Head Coach- 7th year at LPCS)

5/6 Volleyball- Heidi Crider (5/6 Head Coach- 5th year at LPCS)



HS Boys Basketball- Steve Oberlin (Varsity Head Coach- 2nd year at LPCS) Sam Sawyer (Assistant Coach- 2nd year at LPCS)

HS Girls Basketball- Amy Bartkowiak (Varsity Head Coach-3rd year at LPCS) Jordan Placencia (Assistant Coach- 2nd year at LPCS)

HS/JH Cheerleading- Joelle Schrader (Varsity Head Coach) Heather Silver (Assistant Coach)

JH Boys Basketball- Brian Rayle (JH Head Coach) Tim Studebaker (Assistant Coach)

JH Girls Basketball- Tim Kamleiter (JH Head Coach) Nate Golf (Assistant Coach)

5/6 Boys Basketball-

5/6 Girls Basketball-



HS Baseball- Scott Boles (Varsity Head Coach- 2nd year at LPCS)

HS Softball- Chris Mosley (Varsity Head Coach)

HS Track-

JH Girls Soccer-