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LPCS Senior helps start the Girls Tennis program

Raegan Smith started something great at Lakewood Park Christian School during her senior year. It took a lot of work. Work she loved.

Raegan started playing tennis in 8th grade and according to her “fell in love with it since.” She participated in various tennis opportunities, including USTA, playing competitively and tennis camps along the way. Even without a tennis team at Lakewood Park Christian School, the school she attends, Raegan continued to challenge herself. The more she played, the more her love for the sport grew.

Lakewood Park Christian School seeks to add additional opportunities for students every school year, depending on resources and timing. LPCS girls tennis had been a successful club sport for the few years leading up to the 2019-2020 school year, but had not competed at the IHSAA level. Seeing stable numbers at the club level, the time was right to start an official HS girls tennis team during the 2020 spring sports season.

Senior year for Raegan and LPCS would finally compete at the IHSAA level as a team, what was an exciting opportunity. It became one of her biggest challenges, as her spring sports season was cancelled. Raegan is a steady student, a great friend, and supported her classmates in their sports. It was supposed to be Raegan’s turn to shine. The Panthers were going to be led by Smith, one of the few seniors, and she helped create excitement for the program along the way.

Athletic Director, Bobby Childs was one of the people most excited about this new opportunity during the 2020 spring. “Anytime you can give students a chance to participate in sports is great. Anytime you can help a senior fulfill a dream is even better. Every time I scheduled a match, I pictured our students getting ready to play that sport, and especially thought of Raegan.”

The legacy that Raegan Smith will leave is that hard work is rewarded and recognized. Smith said “I am grateful that Lakewood put so much effort into my tennis throughout my high school years and I hope they will continue for the years to come.” It may not always look how we think it will sometimes.

Many Panther tennis players will follow in Raegan Smith’s footsteps. Footsteps she loved making. Footsteps that will not be forgotten.

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