Lakewood Park Athletics

C Team Boys Win Thriller Over Woodlan

The LPCS C Team Boys traveled to Woodlan on Tuesday to face the Woodlan Warriors. After a low scoring game ending in a tie, things heated up in the second overtime period. In 2OT, Dylan Miller hit 2 free throws to put our Panthers up 24-22. Woodlan responded with a 3-pointer to put the Warriors up one with a little over a minute left. On the next possession, Elijah Gardner drove the lane and took a hard foul. He hit both free throws to put us up by one again. Our boys secured a stop on the defensive end, killed some clock, and with less than 10 seconds left, Miller dribbled the baseline from the right side of the key to the left and laid it in with 5 seconds left to secure the win, 28-25. Fantastic finish, boys!


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