Lakewood Park Athletics


Before the game Lakewood put on their homecoming. The Nominees were:


  • Ryan Klingenberger
  • Megan Kooistra


  • Chris Shively
  • Hannah Sibery


  • Dakota Riecke
  • Annaliese Kruse


  • Evan Van Dyken & Aubry Tatman
  • Tim Hensinger & Mallory Leichty
  • Daniel Brown & Emma Pettit

King and Queen

  • Evan Van Dyken & Aubry Tatman

The 600 capacity gym at lakewood that night was filled to the max. Standing room only seemed to be the theme for the night because this game was neck and neck. At halftime the boys were only down 3. Score 30-27. They eventually took the lead in the 3rd, but only held onto it for that quarter. The panthers ended up losing a close one that came down to free throws. Ending score 64-59 Canterbury.

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